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(metronidazole vaginal gel, 1.3%)
Is a nitroimidazole antimicrobial indicated for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis in non-pregnant women.
Vitafol® Ultra
Rx Prenatal Supplement

Small, Tolerable, and Complete with
Key Nutrients

Vitafol® Ultra
Before, During, and After Pregnancy
Vitafol® Fe+
Rx Prenatal Supplement with More Iron
Vitafol® Fe+
Complete nutrition with 90mg of elemental iron for women who need it.
Vitafol® Gummies
First and Only Rx Gummy Prenatal supplement
Vitafol® Gummies
Vital Nutrition in a Great Tasting Gummy.
Vitafol® One
Rx Prenatal Supplement

All in One Softgel Capsule

Vitafol® One
Small, all-in-one softgel capsule with key vitamins and minerals including DHA.
Vitafol® Nano
Rx prenatal Supplement

Easy-to-swallow and tolerable pill

Vitafol Nano
The smallest prescription prenantal supplement available for women experiencing nausea and morning sickness.
Select-OB®+ DHA
Chewable Rx Prenatal Supplement
Select-OB packaging
Chewable Prenatal Vitamin.
Reproductive Dietary Supplement
Pregnitude is a dietary supplement that supports female reproductive health. Available Over the Counter
Male Reproductive Dietary Supplement
Evolution60 is a dietary supplement that supports male reproductive health. Available Over the counter