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Exeltis USA business development

Business Development

Our Commitment is to develop innovative medicine to address unmet needs in Women’s Health Care. We’re constantly aiming to identify the gaps within Women’s Health Care and pursuing the best roadmap to fill these gaps by:

- Penetrating the existing Market and creating new markets.
- Researching new areas of development.
- Meeting the demands and needs of the ever changing industry.

Business development is where we strive to create product flow through partnerships. Our personal contacts are important factors for success. Over time, Exeltis USA, Inc. (Formerly Everett Laboratories Inc.) has maintained and developed the commitment of solutions for women’s health. With many products in our pipeline; we intend to keep our customers first by developing products that fill unmet needs for women. Exeltis USA’s management continually assesses product acquisitions and opportunities for growth. With the acquisition of 3 new products, Exeltis USA is making stong strides to be the leader in Womens Health Care. As we continue to make profitable gain with our products, we stand strong in making the best decisions that reflect our customer needs. However, only a few are selected as we maintain our commitment to our customers. For a personal contact or more information about partnering with Exeltis USA, please e-mail: